Hoang Ha Gemstone Painting Factory with 13 years of experience in producing and supplying gemstone paintings in large quantities, high quality, long-term warranty. Our products: High-class gemstone paintings, portrait gemstone paintings, gemstone animal paintings, landscape gemstone paintings, calligraphy gemstone paintings, still-life gemstone paintings, etc.
– Our products are diversified, 100% raw materials from natural gemstones with colorful glitter. The latest modern style is updated regularly to create a variety in our products.
– Commitment: All products are made from natural stone such as ruby, opal, tuocmalin, quartz, agate, etc., from Luc Yen, Yen Bai.

Our Main Products:

  • Gemstone Paintings
    • Animal Gemstone Painting
    • Fengshui Gemstone Painting
    • Gemstone Painting
    • Gemstone Painting – Calligraphy
    • Longerver Gemstone Painting
    • Potrait Gemstone Painting
    • Scenery Gemstone Painting
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Gemstone Painting; Paintings - Oil, Sand, Canvas,. Paintings;

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- Name: Hotline
- Phone: +84 965 383 886
- Email: hoangha00686@gmail.com

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from 11 - 50 people



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