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Acecook Vietnam desires to bring satisfaction, happiness, and peace of mind to the consumers through convenient, delicious, high-quality, and safe products on the basis of “Japanese Technology, Vietnamese Taste”. We focus on building sustainable human resources by creating a favorable working environment with attractive welfares so that the employees can feel assured to work and devote in long term.

Our Main Products are:

  • Instant Noodle
  • Pho – Noodle Soup – Rice Vermicelli
  • Bowl Cup Tray
  • Vermicelli
Q Business Type


Q Main Category

Food, Beverages, Noodles

Q Person in Contact

- Name: Mr.Namia Shoichi
- Phone: 84 2838154064
- Email:

Q Main Market

USA, Canada, EU, Asia, etc

Q Established Year


Q Company Size

5,000 Staff

Q Production Capacity

- 600 packs of noodles / minute
- 420 cups of noodles / minute



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