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Central Veterinary Medicine Joint Stock Company No.5 is one of the leading units in the research and production of preparations: Veterinary drugs, aquatic veterinary drugs, vaccines, biological products for prevention and treatment for cattle, poultry, and aquatic products.

Our products have been exported to 10 countries around the world.

Currently, the company has over 250 products that are allowed to be produced and circulated on the domestic and international markets.

Our main products:
– Anthelmintics
– Cattle vaccine
– Medicines for fish
– Medicines for shrimps
– Pets vaccine
– Probiotics
– Treatment
– Vaccine

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Veterinary Medicine, Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

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- Name: HR Department
- Phone: +84 24 3376 6868
- Email: info@fivevet.v

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Vietnam, International

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from 51 - 100 people



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