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CJ Vina Agri Company Limited is 100% Korea capital invesment, specializing in providing swine feed, cattle feed, poultry feed, fish feed, shrimp feed. With our foundation, we commit to provide customer the best products and the best services.

Our Main Products:

  • Swine feed
    • CJ Swine Feed
    • Master Swine Feed
    • Perfect Swine Feed
    • Probio Swine Feed
  • Cattle feed
    • CJ Cattle Feed
    • Master Cattle Feed
    • Specialized Cattle Feed
  • Fish feed
    • Catfish
    • Fingerling
    • Frog Feed
    • Snakehead
    • Tilapia Feed
  • Shrimp feed
    • Monodon Feed
    • Vannamei Feed
  • Poultry feed
    • CJ Poultry Feed
    • Master Poultry Feed
    • Probio Poultry Feed
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Q Main Category

Food, Beverages, Seafood Feed, Saponin, Mineral, Oxygen, Poultry Feeds

Q Person in Contact

- Name: Mr. Choo Yuong Jin
- Phone: 84 272 3870363
- Email:

Q Main Market

Asean, EU, China, Japan, etc

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Q Company Size

5,000 Staff



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