Emivest Feedmill Vietnam Co., Ltd is a unit specializing in animal feed products and veterinary medicine.
Currently, our company has 4 animal feed factories and 1 veterinary medicine factory. All are designed by Swiss advanced technologies, the total capacity of up to 1.354 million tons per year.

Our products consist of a full range of feed for the breeder, broiler, colorful birds, village birds, layers, duck, quail, and others. We specialized in the rearing of Day Old Chicken (DOC), broiler, and layer production. Our poultry breeds are directly imported from leading poultry genetic companies in the USA, England, and France.

Products & Services

  • Animal Feed
  • Cattle Feed – Manufacturers And Suppliers
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Aquatic Veterinary Medicine
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
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Animal Feed, Cattle Feed - Manufacturers And Suppliers, Veterinary Medicine; Aquatic Veterinary Medicine; Animal Feed, Cattle Feed - Manufacturers And Suppliers;

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Name: Hotline
Email: emivestweb.vietnam@gmail.com
Phone: 0868-768 968

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from 51 - 100 people

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Total capacity of up to 1.354 million tons per year



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