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Export Mechanical Tool Join Stock Company (EMTC) orginally is state owner, established in 1960 and belong to the Machine and Industrial Equipment Corporation Ministry of Industry – Vietnam. We have been Join Stock Company since 2001 with 100% capital owned by the shareholders who have been working for company. We have over 50 years of processing and developing. We always interested in technical management and technology improvement, improving product quality, satisfying all foreign and domestic customers’ requirement in conforming with the motto “Product quality is the survival condition and the decisive factor for the company’s existence and subtainable prosperity”.

Our Main Products are:

  • Auto Parts Of Cars And Motorcycles
  • Hand Tools
  • Bbq Kitchen
  • Kitchen Tools
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Q Main Category

Automotive, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Accessory for cars and motorbikes

Q Person in Contact

- Name: Mr Hồ Trung
- Phone: 84 43 586 0394
- Email:

Q Main Market

EU, Asia.

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Q Company Size

1,200 Staff



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