Hanoi Mechanical Company Limited – established in 1958, is a leading mechanical manufacturing company in Vietnam. Hanoi Mechanical Company is capable of manufacturing mechanical products in fields from design, casting, structure, mechanical processing and manufacturing of complete equipment for industries such as hydroelectricity, cement, rolling permits, irrigation, petroleum, thermal power, supporting industries.
Ⅰ. Casting details:

  • Product: Counterbalance excavator, pump, manhole cover, oil pump cover, engine valve, gearbox cover, roller, ..
  • Material: FCD450 ~ 700
  • Quantity that can meet: Maximum 500 tons / month
  • Casting steel has the same toughness as steel although it is a cast product. tensile, elongation, tensile strength, .. many times higher than gray cast iron (FC)

Capacity: 40 years of casting experience, casting capacity of 12000 tons/year
Ⅱ. Mechanical:

  • Processing large products: steel rolling lines, cement rolling shafts, hydraulically driven blades, roller rollers, ..
  • Processing details: Metal molds, supports, active wheels, gears, locating pins, ..
  • Capacity: 60 years of processing experience

Ⅲ. Processing and manufacturing machines:

  • Main services: Manufacture of large and super-weight products, manufacture of spare parts for power industries such as: Production of steel rolling lines, roadsides, hydroelectric equipment, thermal power, cement, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, chemicals, ..
  • Axle gate system with maximum payload of 50 tons
  • Steel structure workshop with area outdoor complex of 80 000m2
    Standards: JIS, GOST, DIN, ISO, TCVN, GB
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Band-Saw Machine, Steel Structure, Casting, Metal Machining, Machining

Q Person in Contact

Name: Ms. Phuong Tran
Email: sales@hameco.com.vn
Phone: +84 916 302 882

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Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, EU, UK

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from 301 - 500 people

Q Production Capacity

500 tons / month



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