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Established in 1960, Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company is proud to be the pioneer in the field of manufacturing plastic packaging products, plastic films, .. Main products:

  • Plastic packaging, food packaging bags, zipper bags, ..
  • Agricultural membrane, plastic film
  • Leatherette fabric for garment, fashion, sofa, suitcase, ..
  • Corrugated plastic sheet
  • Raincoats: Raincoat sets, adult raincoat, children raincoat
Q Business Type


Q Main Category

Plastic, Plastic Products

Q Person in Contact

Name: Hotline
Email: - - -
Phone: +84 272 3777 800
Packaging Film: 0983.749.460
Raincoat: 0909.868.157
PVC: 0982.126.824
Synthetic Leather: 0972.745.803

Q Main Market

Vietnam, USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Middle East, Nigieria, Thailand, Myanmar, EU

Q Established Year


Q Company Size

more than 1,000 people

Q Production Capacity

- Packaging capacity: 250 million bags/ year, printing film 2 million m / year, PVC blown film 1,950 tons / year, PE blown film 15,000 tons / year, compound film 200 million m / year
- Leatherette capacity is 20 million m / year, thin-film is 10 million m / year, corrugated board is 8 million m / year
- Raincoat productivity is 5 million m / year



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