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RAWHAIRVIETNAM EXPORT IMPORT CO .LTD is the English name of our experienced company, one of the largest suppliers human hair Vietnam with over twenty years experience in the trade and global market run by Mr. Le Duy Ha and Mrs. Chu Thuy Linh. We can supply all kinds of hair with the greatest quality following any requirements from customers.

If you are looking for a supplier with the best quality hair and reasonable prices in the long-term business just contact us for the best advice and support.

About Viet Nam Human Hair :

Vietnamese women’s hair is considered one of the world’s most beautiful and quality hair. Our company went to collect all kinds of hair from all the provinces of the country and then processed into products used for all kinds of fashion hair and size according to customers’ requirements in the country and international wholesale market from India, Brazil, Turkey, China, Nigeria. Our company can contract to supply small and large quantities.

Our Products :
– VietNam Human Bulk Hair :
Kind of hair from Viet Nam human with natural color-washed, no lice, remove non-Remy most of them is straight, silk, and strong. We can supply 3-4 tons this kind of hair per/month at a cheap price and good quality.
– Single Drawn Hair :
Kind of hair make from nam human hair with natural color, washed, no lice, remove non-Remy, remove short hair less than10cm, head of the bundle like straight…
– Double Drawn Hair :
Kind of hair make from Vietnam human hair with natural color, washed, no lice, remove non-Remy, All of the hair is the same length, head and the end of a bundle like straight…
– Super Double Drawn Hair :
This is the best quality hair from Rawhairvietnam with a full and thick bundle, 85% long hair, natural color, silky and soft. This is the best choice for dyed, bleached uses.
– Machine Wefted Hair :
Kind of hair make by machine from Vietnam human hair with natural color, washed, no lice, remove non-Remy, strong, not fall down. Our company is the biggest supplier in Viet Nam so we can supply very good quality and the cheapest prices in a long time.

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Vietnamese Hair, Vietnam Hair, Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, Thin Hair

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- Name: Mr. Le Duy Ha
- Phone: +84 977 035 713
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India, Brazil, Turkey, China, Nigeria..

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