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Strong development from a pharmaceutical distributor since the early 1980s. Over many years of operation until 1995, Do Thanh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Saigon Pharma) was officially established. On the way of development combined with the experience and highly qualified team in 2001, SPM Joint Stock Company was officially established, with a factory producing medicines and functional foods meeting quality standards and going into operation in Tan Tao Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Since its foundation, SPM has constantly grown and continuously developed not only in terms of production scale, modern technology and technology, but also in strengthening the successful research of a wide range of products.
Currently, SPM is a leading enterprise in the market of pharmaceuticals and health supplements, and is proud to be one of the very few enterprises specializing in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of pharmaceutical products with useful functions. With the trust of medical doctors, health care products are trusted and supported by consumers.

SPM – A prestigious brand, bringing the best quality products to protect consumers’ health.

According to statistics, the market share of consumers from small to large, from the final consumers to pharmacies, hospitals use the company’s products not only in the country but also in the market. abroad by the reputation and quality from the products. Not only the product line of functional health care products, but the treatment product group is also trusted by doctors, SPM Joint Stock Company is always proud of the rich non-prescription (OTC) product line. and quality.

Our Main Products:

1. Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements: Effervescent Tablets MyVita, Nutri Ginsen, Superton, Galepo, MyVita Black Garlic, MyVita C 1000mg…

2. Analgesic, Antipyretic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Allergic: MyPara 325, MyPara 500, MyPara ER, MyPara 650, Di-antipain, Erxib 60, Athamin, Hotapas, 

3. Cardiovascular – Neurological – Dilatation: Devomir, Neuropain, Rotudin-SPM, Robinul 5, Robinul 10, Diovenor 20, Besfoben, Losapin 100, Nevoloxan, Cardivasor …

4. Antibiotics – Antifungal – Resistance to parasites 

5. Gynecology: Gymenyl, Neostyl, Secnidaz, Spalaxin, Infecin, Maxgel

6. Digestion – Kidney: Deston – Kim money draft, Hepa Extra, Digelase, Detriat, Helinzole, Dompidone, Pentinox, Livastan …

7. Reduce Cough – Long Dam: Eugintol, Eugintol Kids, Eugintol Gold, Eugintol Fresh, Muscino, Actys …

8. Beauty products: MyVita Beauty Collagen, Bisbeta 120 …

9. Musculoskeletal: MyVita Joint

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