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Since the establishment, VINH PHU has identified its target “Ceaseless extension, ceaseless expanding” to become one of the leading manufacturing and distribution Company in Vietnam and in the region in the aspect.
MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTE HIGH QUALITY SOUND AND HEAT INSULATION MATERIAL (with three modes: blocking heat, reflecting 97% radiant heat, convection heat), produced from polyethylene, which have closed cell structure (closed cell) with physical crosslinking and this product is enforced by thick pure ALUMINUM or OPP layer 7micron and available clue layer in the rear side.
✽ With the slogan “Manufacturing high-quality material”, VINH PHU has established a strong and unified collective were intellectual, creativeness, dynamics and enthusiasm of each individual always been encouraged and promote highly. Therefore, manufacturing operation of the Company always attains high and stable growth, total manufacturing value, turn-over, profit as well as amount paid to the budget and social welfare gradually increase.
✽ VINH PHU will endeavor further so that potentials in every aspect, facets would be woken up and develop more vigorously in coming period, to confirm status of VINH PHÚ, one Vietnamese leading brand name.

Products & services

  • VIP insulation panel
  • VIP InsulationVIP Insulation V02VIP Insulation VA1VIP Insulation VA2
  • PE-OPP insulation
  • PE-OPP FoamPE-OPP Insulation
  • Insulation air bag
  • Insulation Air Bubble BagsInsulation Air Bubble For Panel
  • Other insulation materials
    • Flexible DuctGlass WoolHeat Resistant Insulation
    • Soundproofing materials
    • Sound Absorption Material
    • Young Rubber
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Insulation - Thermal Insulation Materials; Flexible Duct, Insulated Flexible Duct; Foam Insulation (XPS, EPS, OPP, PU, PE Foam..); Glass Wool - Insulation, Soundproofing

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- Name: Mr. Do Tuan Phong
- Phone: +84 904 918 598
- Email:

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Vietnam, International (South East Asia)

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from 51 - 100 people



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